Applied Optics And Photonics

Begin with a brief introduction to applied optics and photonics, highlighting their significance in various technological advancements. Explain how these fields contribute to the development of devices and systems that rely on the manipulation of light. Understanding Optics: Provide a concise overview of optics, emphasizing the study of light and its interactions with different materials. […]

What is prism and its functionality?

A transparent item having flat, polished surfaces that refract light is known as an optical prism. Prisms are frequently used to separate white light into its constituent colors or to reunite separated colors. They are also used to shift the direction of light in equipment such as binoculars, periscopes, and telescopes.

Top 10 Best Optical Lens Manufacturers in China 2023

1. Shanghai Optics Shanghai Optics is an unparalleled custom optical engineering solution provider offering custom optical manufacturing, design, and engineering services. We’re one of the top custom lens manufacturers that specializes in custom lens assembly and delivers the best cost-effective custom optical solutions in the photonics industry. By combining high-quality custom components with the latest […]

Common Mistakes in Optical Grinding &Polishing

Aperture Surface Deviation (1) Causes of low aperture ①. The sand hanging aperture is too thin (the concave R is small, and the convex R is large). ②. The contact between the grinding dish and the lens is too loose, and the center of the lens is ground too much. ③. The diameter of the […]



OPTICST polarizing beam splitter is made of a pair of high-precision right-angle prisms glued together. The slope of one of the prisms is coated with a multi-layer dielectric light-splitting film. When a beam of unpolarized light is incident perpendicular to the incident surface, it is divided into two beams of polarized light, which emerge from […]

What are optical lenses used for?


Optical Lenses are optical components designed to focus or diverge light. Optical Lenses, which may consist of a single or multiple elements, are used in a wide variety of applications from microscopy to laser processing. Many industries utilize Optical Lenses, including life sciences, imaging, industrial, or defense. As light passes through a lens, it is […]

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