Coating Service

Coating Service

Optical coatings can modify the reflection or transmission in properties at the surface of the optical element. By using it, the reflection and transmission ratio can be optimized for several sets of the conditions or optimized over a particular range of conditions. OPTICST offers following coatings and customize coating according your needs.

– Broadband Single layer Antireflection  
– Broadband Multilayer Antireflection  
 Beamsplitter Coating
– Dielectric HR Coatings
– AR Coatings
– Protected Silver/ Gold Coatings (MgF2)
– IR Coatings

optical thin film coating
optical thin film coating

We do the most coating jobs in house!

Chengdu Nanguang ZZS800 series

Japan Optical Chi OTFC-1300 coating machine.

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