Optical design

Lens Systems: Optical lenses are widely used in various applications, such as cameras, microscopes, telescopes, and projectors. FZO could do different lens configurations, including doublet lenses, telephoto lenses, wide-angle lenses, and zoom lenses.

Diffraction Gratings: Diffraction gratings are optical components that disperse light into its component wavelengths. They are used in spectroscopy, wavelength selection, and dispersion compensation. 

Beam Splitters: Beam splitters divide an incident beam of light into multiple beams, usually with different intensities or directions. They are commonly used in imaging systems, interferometers, and laser applications. we can handle beam splitters that split light into two or more paths.

Mirrors: Optical mirrors are used for reflecting and directing light. They can have various shapes and coatings to optimize reflectivity and minimize losses.FZO supply concave mirrors, convex mirrors, and dichroic mirrors.

Prism Systems: Prisms are used for light dispersion, angular deviation, or beam steering. They are commonly used in spectroscopy, optical instruments, and laser applications. FZO could do different prism configurations, such as triangular prisms, porro prisms, and roof prisms.

These are just a few examples of optical designs, and there are numerous other types of optical components used in various applications. 

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optical design
optical design

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