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Prism Reference Guide Light is a hollow structure that transfers light efficiently. Excellent illustration of light reflection and transportation.

Prism Light Guide is a hollow structure capable of efficiently transporting enormous amounts of light. In 1981, the prism light guide was patented. This invention is a pipe with exact prismatic facets produced on the outside of its transparent walls. The facets are effective total internal reflection mirrors that prevent light from escaping as it travels down the guide. Because light travels predominantly in the air space within the hollow guide, the pipe absorbs very little light. Furthermore, because the guide is hollow, weight and cost factors are considerably more beneficial than with very big solid fibers.

Light guide tubes and homogeneous light guide rods are widely used in light source equipment, UV light boxes, LED light guides, projection light boxes, and light projection lenses. When light enters the guide rod, it undergoes countless internal reflections, making uneven light uniform , regardless of the spectral properties of the incident light source.

Compared with the 4-sided square light guide rod, the light loss of the hexagonal light guide rod is reduced by 35%. The light source with a lower numerical aperture (NA) needs a longer light guide to homogenize the light, while the light source with a high NA only needs to A shorter light pipe can achieve a uniform effect, and the light pipe can be selected according to the operating temperature and wavelength band, and the appropriate optical material can be selected.

OPTICST specializes in the production of cylinder, cone, 4-sided, 6-sided, 8-sided, and aspheric molded light guide rods. For projection lens products with strict quality requirements, non-edge guides can be provided. High-precision light guide rod without chipping, and can be coated with AR anti-reflection film on the light entrance and light exit. If you have relevant needs, please contact us by email.

Light guide prism
Light guide prism
Custom Light Guide Rod Manufacturer - Optical Prism
Custom Light Guide Rod Manufacturer – Optical Prism


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