Rod lens for medical.

  Item OP20 Material Optical Glass Diameter Ø0.6mm or customization Type Plano-Convex/concave/cemented Flatness N<3, ΔN<0.5 for spherical surface/ N λ/4~λ/8 for flat surface Surface Quality 20/10~60/40 Centering <3′ Clear Aperture >90% Coating Uncoated, or customized Rod Lens Used in Endoscope High Quality Stock Lens    

Optical windows and flats

Item OP01 Material BK7 , H-K9L, Sapphire, Fuse silica, ZnSe, CaF2 Diameter Tolerance +0.0, -0.2mm Thickness Tolerance ±0.01mm Surface Quality 40-20 scratch and dig Parallelism <10 arc seconds Centration <5arc minutes Wavefront Distortion λ/20 per 25mm @ 632.8nm Bevel 0.05 – 0.2mm Window is a piece of glass with plane parallel surfaces used to admit […]

Optical Mirrors

optical glass mirrors

Item OP02 Material H-K9L(N-BK7), Fused Silica, Si, Ge, Sapphire,Copper, Aluminum Diameter Tolerance +/-0.1mm, +/-0.01mm Focal Length Tolerance ±1% Surface Figure 1/4λ – 1λ RMS (depends on size) Surface Roughness < 100-175 Å RMS Clear Aperture >95% Coating Protected Aluminum or Protected Gold OPTICST provides standard and special metal mirrors with parabolic surface contours for off-axis […]

Light guide prism

Custom Light Guide Rod Manufacturer - Optical Prism

Custom Optical tapered light pipe Light guide prism Item OP03 Material BK7 glass, CDGM, Fused Silica, Sapphire etc. Dimension 0.5mm – 200mm Surface Accuracy lambda/20 Size Tolerance +/-0.01mm Angle Tolerance +/-30 sec Coating AR, HR, HT, customized as requested pls refers to Coating service. A light guide is a device used to direct light from a […]

Roof prism

roof prism

规格 Item OP04 Material Schott, CDGM, Fused Silica Dimension Tolerance ±0.1 mm Roof Angular Tolerance better than 10 arc seconds Angular Tolerance ±3′ Surface Quality 40/20Scratch/Dig Coating Broadband AR, Mirror, Mgf2 etc, pls refers to coating service Roof prisms come in several forms such as roof penta prisms or roof amici prims. The key feature […]

Wedge Prisms

wedge prism

Item OP05 Material BK7, UVFS Dimension Tolerance +0.00, -0.12 mm Flatness λ/4 @ 633 nm for standardλ/10 @ 633 nm for precision Surface Quality 20-10 S/D Wedge Tolerance ±3 arcmin Clear Aperture 90% of the diameter Corner wedges can be used individually to deflect laser beams to a certain angle, or combine two wedge prisms for […]

Dove Prisms

Dove prism

Item OP06 Material BK7, UVFS Dimension Tolerance +0.0, -0.2 mm Angle Tolerance <3 arcmin Surface Flatness <λ/2 @ 632.8 nm Surface Quality 60-40 scratch & dig Clear Aperture >80% Uncoated Dove prisms are mainly used for image rotation in optical systems, which can rotate the image 180 degrees; coated Dove prisms are mainly coated with […]

Penta Prisms

penta prism 1

Item OP07 Material BK7, CDGM Dimension Tolerances +0.0, -0.2 mm Surface Flatness <λ/4 @ 632.8 nm Surface Quality 40-20 scratch & dig 90° Deviation Tolerance < 30 arcsec (down to 5 arcsec available!) Coating Kindly refers to the Coating service. Penta prism also known as pentagonal prism, is an optical prism with five reflective surfaces, which […]

Right Angle Prisms


Item OP08 Material Schott, CDGM, Fused Silica Diameter Tolerance ±0.1 mm Angular Tolerance ±3′ Surface Quality 40-20 scratch & dig Irregularity λ/4 Finishing Edge black painted, steps, bevels etc Coatings Broadband AR, Mirror, Mgf2 etc for more pls see Coatings service page. Right angle prism are commonly used to turn the image path at 90° […]

Corner Cube Retroreflectors

Corner Cube Prism

Item OP09 Material BK7, UVFS Dimension Tolerances +0.0/-0.3 mm Flatness λ/4 @ 633 nm Surface Quality 40-20 S/D Beam Deviation 180° ± 30 arcsec Angular Deviation ±5 arcsec Clear Aperture >80% Coating Uncoated corner cube prisms, retroreflectors, can reflect any incident light or beam from the prism face back to the light source (regardless of […]

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