optical glass mirrors

Optical Mirrors


MaterialH-K9L(N-BK7), Fused Silica, Si, Ge, Sapphire,
Copper, Aluminum
Diameter Tolerance+/-0.1mm, +/-0.01mm
Focal Length Tolerance±1%
Surface Figure1/4λ – 1λ RMS (depends on size)
Surface Roughness< 100-175 Å RMS
Clear Aperture >95%
CoatingProtected Aluminum or Protected Gold
OPTICST provides standard and special metal mirrors with parabolic surface contours for off-axis beam focusing performance. These mirrors are machined from solid bar stock to minimize surface figure deformation which is inherent to the thin walled replicated type. The metal mirrors are produced with advanced Diamond turning equipment.

Cases we have done: Si mirrors with gold coating.

Dimensions: 50.8 * 5.2mm

power 500W

Optical Glass Flat Mirror is ideal for a variety of applications including interferometry, imaging systems, laser applications, optical path folding, and auto collimation. These Optical Mirrors are available in a variety of coating and substrate options. OPTICST designs and manufactures a great choice of various high reflecting mirrors for the spectral range:UV,visible,near infrared,and infrared regions. Besides optical glass Flat mirror, Optical Glass Concave Mirror,and Optical Glass Plano Concave Mirror, hot mirror,laser mirror,dielectric mirror,hyperbolical mirrors can be customized upon request.

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