Optical windows and flats


MaterialBK7 , H-K9L, Sapphire, Fuse silica, ZnSe, CaF2
Diameter Tolerance+0.0, -0.2mm
Thickness Tolerance±0.01mm
Surface Quality40-20 scratch and dig
Parallelism<10 arc seconds
Centration<5arc minutes
Wavefront Distortionλ/20 per 25mm @ 632.8nm
Bevel0.05 – 0.2mm
Window is a piece of glass with plane parallel surfaces used to admit light into an optical system and to exclude dirt and moisture.
Our laser grade optical windows have excellent < 30 arc-seconds parallelism leading to minimal transmitted beam deviation. The windows are available with broadband AR coatings on both sides for use in visible or IR applications.

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