penta prism 1

Penta Prisms


MaterialBK7, CDGM
Dimension Tolerances+0.0, -0.2 mm
Surface Flatness<λ/4 @ 632.8 nm
Surface Quality40-20 scratch & dig
90° Deviation Tolerance< 30 arcsec (down to 5 arcsec available!)
CoatingKindly refers to the Coating service.
Penta prism also known as pentagonal prism, is an optical prism with five reflective surfaces, which can deflect incident light by 90°.
A pentaprism neither inverts nor inverts the image. Pentaprisms are very useful in alignment systems because they define a right angle very precisely and independently of the angle of incidence. Light entering one facet is reflected twice in the prism for a total of 270 degrees before exiting the adjacent facet at an angle of exactly 90 degrees. The pentaprism acts as a turning mirror and is not sensitive to alignment.

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